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Mar 08

E Pluribus Abruptio

There has long been a dispute over our country’s motto, and H. Con. Res. 13 aims to settle it. In one corner, E Pluribus Unum (roughly: out of many, one). It’s elegant, accurate, and using Latin makes us sound smart. In the other corner, In God We Trust. You’ve probably seen it on coinage and …

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Mar 02

A Tale of Two Naturalisms

Neil deGrasse Tyson, speaking on the god of the gaps argument, brought up the often quoted survey of religiosity among members of the National Academy of Sciences. The survey showed that only 15% of the Academy members believed in a personal god. Much has been made of this almost complete reversal compared to the general …

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Feb 21

Is the eye irreducibly complex?

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia

The claim that the eye could not have evolved is clearly false.

Feb 15

Gospel Truth: Do we have eyewitness testimony?

Examining the claim that the gospels were written by eyewitnesses

Feb 09

Original Sin and STDs

Is sin a genetic trait carried by males?

Jan 31

A Call to Action: Anti-Evolution Legislation

There are current anti-evolution action alerts in Kentucky, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Jan 24

The Clueless Argument for God’s Existence

Many popular arguments for God commit the fallacy of arguing from ignorance, but it may be hard to spot.

Jan 17

Creating a Myth

Could we be living on a giant sneeze or perhaps on a dandelion carried by an elephant?

Jan 07

What is atheism?

Attempts to define atheism clearly miss the point.

Dec 31

The Blind Leading the Blind


Examining Ray Comfort’s claim that history requires blind faith.

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