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Nov 10

The Bible is Unique (Part 2 of 2)

A refutation of Josh McDowell’s uniqueness claim.

Oct 15

The Bible is Unique (Part 1 of 2)

Josh McDowell’s opening claims are examined.

Aug 27

Why is faith valued?

Why is faith valued so highly?

Jun 01

The Day the Earth Stood Still

Forget what you’ve been told in school! The bible says that the Earth does not move. Ok, not exactly, but let’s make it mean that!

May 04

Recap of Bart Ehrman Lectures

I briefly recap three lectures by Bart Ehrman in St. Louis.

Mar 25

Common Arguments for God’s Existence

Is God necessary? I discuss the reasons why common arguments for God fail on logical grounds.

Mar 22

Bart Ehrman speaking in St. Louis

Details of Bart Ehrman’s upcoming speaking engagements in St. Louis on April 23 – 24

Mar 19

Guess Who?

Do you like Jewish messianic figures? How about the game Guess Who? If you answered “yes” to one or both of those questions, then you should read this.

Mar 16

Killing a Giant

It seems totally believable when Caravaggio paints it.

Did David kill Goliath? Can I get used to saying Elhanan and Goliath?

Mar 13

Let him who is without sin fudge the first story.

Sex, Lies, and the Gospel of John. Ok, no sex.

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