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Feb 18

New Article for An American Atheist

I have a new article on the website An American Atheist. I make the case that too many arguments about First Amendment cases are built on a fallacious foundation. If you’re interested, check it out here: Appealing to Tradition is Still a Fallacy.   Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via …

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Feb 17

Where is God?

The answers to the following questions are all completely consistent with traditional Christian theology.   Where is God? Nowhere Where is my soul? Nowhere Where is Heaven/Hell? Nowhere   I’d like to point out that these answers that would be given by a proper theologian are the exact same answers we would expect if asked …

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Feb 01

Doubting Science: The other tactic of creationists

Every year, Republicans in the Missouri House of Representatives bring forth a bill intelligently designed to undermine evolution. Usually, they attempt to mask this attack as an attempt to promote critical thinking in schools. This was the case in 2011 when HB 195 was introduced.[i] It was preceded by HB 1651 in 2010, and similar …

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Jan 05

The Parable of the Sheep

The young girl awoke with a start to the sound of desperate bleating. She quickly dressed and ran outside, fearing the worst. The pen which held her sheep—her precious sheep that she cared for daily—was open. Carcasses and blood were everywhere. She had to find her father; he was the only one who could help. …

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Jan 04

New Contents Page

I’ve added a new page to the site: http://foxholeatheism.com/contents/. I think this will make browsing the archives of this site much easier. I’ve arranged posts by category and sub-category, where appropriate. I haven’t included every post I’ve ever written, but I have included many of them. Next up, I’ll be doing something similar for my …

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Dec 30

Absence of Evidence is Evidence of Absence

Recently, I’ve written about some introductory topics in Bayes’ Theorem. If you did not read these earlier pieces, you may want to go here and here before reading this post. The initial impetus was to use the theorem to defend a famous maxim often attributed to Carl Sagan—extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. This time, I’m …

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Dec 29

God and Intrinsic Value

I have a new post at An American Atheist. It argues that intrinsic value cannot come from God. If interested, you can read it here: God and Intrinsic Value Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this post

Dec 28

Are the Ten Commandments just?

Here is an argument with premises that are fairly easy to defend, but which leads to powerful conclusions where traditional theism is concerned: 1. Justice means to give people what they deserve. 2. People do not deserve to be punished for acts in which they had no role. 3. Descendants who are not yet born …

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Dec 16

Creationist Math

A common misconception is that evolution relies entirely on chance. For example, I once read part of a science textbook intended for homeschooling parents that included this analogy: Imagine a yard containing all of the parts of a working computer that has been disassembled and the parts have been strewn all over the yard. How …

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Dec 08

Repeating Nonsense


I began listening to the debate on Naturalism vs. Theism between Jeffrey Jay Lowder and Phil Fernandes the other day. I’m about halfway through (it’s over two hours long) and, thus far, Lowder is “winning” decisively. There are several claims made by Fernandes that inspire a facepalm, but I found one claim especially annoying. You …

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