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Dec 02

How to use Bayes’ Theorem


Recently, I wrote a Bayesian formulation of Carl Sagan’s famous maxim, ‘Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.’ However, since the aim of that post was not to teach Bayes’ Theorem, but to reply to a criticism of the maxim, I may have left readers unprepared to actually use this theorem. I thought it might be helpful …

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Nov 29

The hiddenness argument revisited (II) by J.L. Schellenberg

In an earlier post, I outlined the argument from hiddenness by J.L. Schellenberg along with his responses to several criticisms of the argument. These criticisms were grouped together in virtue of being irrelevant, according to Schellenberg. They generally were either already covered by one of his premises or could be explained away by further clarification. …

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Nov 23

Extraordinary Claims Really Do Require Extraordinary Evidence

Yes, it’s still true. The basic principles of mathematics and probability have not changed. Thus, it is surprising to read an article saying that requiring extraordinary evidence for extraordinary claims doesn’t make sense. At least, it’s surprising until you realize the person making the claim is probably an evangelical Christian with an extraordinary claim to …

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Nov 10

The Lazy Person’s Guide to Dismantling the Moral Argument

I once was part of a comment thread where theists were asked what their favorite arguments in favor of God’s existence were[i]. The argument that seemed to stand above the rest by my informal count was the so-called Moral Argument. If you’re not familiar with this argument, it goes as follows: 1. If God does …

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Nov 03

Skepticon IV Conference


Skepticon IV will take place November 19 – 20 in Springfield, MO: http://skepticon.org/schedule.php. There are some fairly big names as speakers, including Richard Carrier, PZ Myers, Dan Barker, Hemant Mehta, Eliezer Yudkowsky (nice!), Spencer Greenberg, David Silverman, and many others. The event is billed as the largest conference of its kind in the Midwest. It’s …

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Oct 27

Many Worlds and Ultimate Justice


Here is a strange progression I just went through in my car. Suppose something like Everett’s many worlds hypothesis is correct. Under this, every possible outcome is equally real. There is a you reading this right now, a you who decided to eat a sandwich instead, and perhaps infinitely many other yous. It struck me …

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Oct 17

The hiddenness argument revisited (I) by J.L. Schellenberg

Graduate students in St. Louis have recently formed a reading group for philosophy of religion. Unfortunately for me, it conflicts with my work schedule, so I can’t join them in person. I’m going to read along, though, and I’ll provide a summary of each reading. This week’s reading is “The hiddenness argument revisited (I)” by …

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Oct 08

The Parable of the Great King

A boy of nearly six lay weeping on the side of the road. His father, face down in the mud beside him, had just been slain. He was unable to pay the taxes required by the local governor. He pleaded with the collectors to spare his life, as he had no money with which to …

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Oct 04

The Problem of Heaven

For those of you who don’t know, I also contribute to a group blog called An American Atheist. I have a new post there that you might find interesting – The Problem of Heaven. Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Subscribe to the …

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Oct 03

How Warranted is Properly Basic Belief?

This is a guest post by Matt DeStefano, and is part of the continued series Why Christianity is False. You can read more of Matt’s work at Soul Sprawl. In order to keep discussion under one heading, please visit the original piece here to comment.   This is in response to Dr. Matthew Flannagan’s essay …

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