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Sep 30

Explaining Logic

Glenn Hendrickson, in his essay Christianity Explains Logic, makes what I consider a shockingly bold claim. Hendrickson claims that the Christian worldview alone accounts for the laws of logic.[i] I’ll begin by directly quoting Hendrickson’s formulation of the argument:   1. All we experience is grounded in the laws of logic. 2. The Christian worldview …

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Sep 30

Why Christianity is False (Index)

The author of Common Sense Atheism, Luke Muehlhauser, began a counter-apologetics project called ‘Why Christianity is False.’ This project’s goal was to specifically respond to each essay in the series ‘Why Christianity is True,’ hosted by Brian Auten of Apologetics 315. Unfortunately for those of us who enjoyed this series by Luke, he decided to …

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Sep 30

Historical Method: Tell me what is probable.


This is my second post in a series on the historical method. In my first post, I rejected the claim that skeptics are committed to a double standard for having a bias against magical claims. The reason for this has to do with probability, which will be a recurring theme in this series. This post …

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Sep 28

Intention in Eden

I recently claimed that Adam and Eve were not morally culpable for disobeying God in the Garden of Eden. I’d like to explain why I think this a bit more. Imagine you are getting a soda from a dispensing machine. You put your money in, press the button for Pepsi, and retrieve your soda. Unknown to …

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Sep 23

Free Will and Evil

Christian apologist Stephen Bedard recently made the following claim as part of a broader discussion of evil and the existence of God: If God took away free will for doing evil, he would have to take away the free will to do good.  If we are not free to hate, we are not free to …

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Sep 21

Contra Genesis

The creation account in Genesis is quite obviously a confused myth. However, there are a very large number of people who still believe in its literal truth. Here are three short, simple arguments for those people.   1. Adam and Eve did not deserve their punishment. Then to Adam He said, “Because you have heeded …

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Sep 19

Atheism and Evil: Part 2

In Part 1, you hopefully saw that atheism does not need to entail objective morality in order to coherently present the problem of evil. But we were still left with the major question of whether secular morality even makes sense. This is not simply a theistic claim; you will find plenty of atheists that agree. …

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Sep 17

The Politics of God: A Problem of Rights

Have you ever heard someone say that you need God in government to maintain your rights? They will typically say something like, “Rights are granted by God and can only be revoked by God. That’s the only way we can keep the State from unjustly harming us.” Rights in this context generally refers to only …

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Sep 12

Atheism and Evil: Part 1

Over the past weekend, an alliance of apologetics bloggers decided to tackle the problem of evil and suffering. These were specifically timed to coincide with the anniversary of 9/11; you can find a list of these articles here. I had hoped this group would provide something other than the normal amateurish turnabout, which says, “You …

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Sep 09

Historical Method: Are skeptics committed to a double standard?

I am Beowulf!

This is my first post in a planned series on the Historical Method. I will discuss general topics and areas of tension between conservative biblical scholars and skeptics. This series will include discussions of authorship, dating, and general reliability. My focus in this first post is the question of whether either group—the skeptic or the …

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