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Feb 23

Jesus was not a Christian

Saying that Jesus was not a Christian seems so counterintuitive, but it’s a statement that I think is both true and very significant. Tell your average Christian this and they may say, “Well, he was a Jew at the time, but of course he prepared the way for everyone to be saved through Christianity so …

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Feb 20

Brief Comments on the Resurrection

It’s been difficult to post lately, so I’ve decided to focus on shorter posts and less on establishing philosophical rigor. That’s not to say the points won’t be valid. Rather, I just won’t be providing as much defense of each point and won’t be considering as many counterpoints. I’d like to begin this effort by …

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Oct 02

The Problem of Judas

I was told today that I could not possibly have been a Christian if I later became an atheist. I must have merely been a “professing” Christian, so this person claimed. Ironically, I would agree with that claim if posed in a certain way. After all, I don’t think anyone is a true Christian under …

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Dec 28

Are the Ten Commandments just?

Here is an argument with premises that are fairly easy to defend, but which leads to powerful conclusions where traditional theism is concerned: 1. Justice means to give people what they deserve. 2. People do not deserve to be punished for acts in which they had no role. 3. Descendants who are not yet born …

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Sep 30

Historical Method: Tell me what is probable.


This is my second post in a series on the historical method. In my first post, I rejected the claim that skeptics are committed to a double standard for having a bias against magical claims. The reason for this has to do with probability, which will be a recurring theme in this series. This post …

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Sep 21

Contra Genesis

The creation account in Genesis is quite obviously a confused myth. However, there are a very large number of people who still believe in its literal truth. Here are three short, simple arguments for those people.   1. Adam and Eve did not deserve their punishment. Then to Adam He said, “Because you have heeded …

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Sep 09

Historical Method: Are skeptics committed to a double standard?

I am Beowulf!

This is my first post in a planned series on the Historical Method. I will discuss general topics and areas of tension between conservative biblical scholars and skeptics. This series will include discussions of authorship, dating, and general reliability. My focus in this first post is the question of whether either group—the skeptic or the …

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Aug 02

Gospel Truth: A Christmas Story(ies)

This is my third post in a series on the New Testament Gospels. The purpose of this series is to introduce in a very general way the findings of New Testament scholars using the historical-critical method. Thus far, I have covered whether the gospels were written by eyewitnesses and discussed a few general contradictions that …

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Jul 06

Biblical Inerrancy is Not Probable

Whenever you attack someone on the inconsistencies in the Bible, they will often retreat to the realm of possibility. But the point I always make is “Why should we care about possibility?” It’s possible that you are reading a blog post typed by a large, green rodent. It’s possible that you will wake up tomorrow …

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Apr 12

Gospel Truth: Important Contradictions

This is my second post in a series on the New Testament Gospels. My first post was on whether the Gospel writers were eyewitnesses. Now, I’ll turn my attention to the contradictions between the Gospels.   Regardless of what anyone says, the Gospels do contain prima facie contradictory statements. Many Christians will at this point …

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