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Apr 28

Free Will and Meaning

There is an apologist I know who continually uses an argument roughly like this: If we are just pieces of meat responding to stimuli, how can there be any such thing as meaning or morality? This sort of argument is common in apolgetics–both its content and its attempt to sweep a bunch of stuff under …

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Feb 25

Christian and Atheist Round Table Discussion and Q&A: Morality – Part 1

There are generally two types of philosophical discussions concerning morality. There are conversations about normative ethics, which concerns what we should do in various situations. These are the types of conversations about morality most people have. For example, if an angry mob is threatening to destroy a town if you don’t turn over a suspected …

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Oct 25

Christian and Atheist Round Table Discussion and Q&A: Morality – Part 2

In Part I, I discussed the idea that atheism leads to tragedies, like the Holocaust. I explained why this was absurd, but I wanted to save a discussion of metaethics for a separate post. I had originally intended for this post to be a tour de force of my thoughts on ethics and theism, but …

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Oct 14

Christian and Atheist Round Table Discussion and Q&A: Purpose

A few days ago, I discussed the roundtable discussion and Q&A with local Christian and atheist speakers. I recapped some general thoughts and provided some further arguments pertaining to the origins discussion. Today, I want to discuss the next topic—purpose. I don’t recall any substantial arguments offered from the theists that required rebuttal. So, I’ll …

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Oct 11

Christian and Atheist Round Table Discussion and Q&A: Origins

Last night, I took part in an open panel discussion between Christians and atheists. This was an event organized by Faith Ascent Ministries, which teaches apologetics to teens. It was billed as an opportunity for those kids, their parents, and anyone else interested to come and ask questions, hear answers from both atheists and Christians, …

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Oct 02

The Problem of Judas

I was told today that I could not possibly have been a Christian if I later became an atheist. I must have merely been a “professing” Christian, so this person claimed. Ironically, I would agree with that claim if posed in a certain way. After all, I don’t think anyone is a true Christian under …

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Aug 26

Langston Hughes Moved Me Today

One of my favorite arguments against the existence of a personal God is the argument from hiddenness. I described J.L. Schellenberg’s original version of the argument here. Essentially, the argument says that a God seeking a relationship with us would do a better job. It doesn’t make sense that there are people sincerely seeking this …

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Jul 01

God and Time: A Dilemma

One of the difficulties facing theologians and philosophers of religion has been to ascertain the relationship between God and time. Assuming God, is it more likely that God exists within time or outside of time? I’m going to suggest that either answer to this problem leads to undesirable results for theists, creating a dilemma. Two …

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Feb 05

The Problem of Sincere Believers

A common claim by theists is that God values our freedom and, as such, can not make his existence obvious. Such obvious grandstanding would rob us of the choice to freely choose good acts, so they say. Yet, a fairly simple problem arises. 1. Very sincere believers exist who are virtually certain about various “facts” …

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Nov 01

A Dilemma for Prayer in Politics

A Dilemma for Prayer in Politics

Whether it’s meant sincerely or is just pandering, it is commonplace for politicians to talk about prayer. For example, Newt Gingrich said the following during a Republican Presidential Primary debate on October 18, 2011: How can I trust you with power if you don’t pray? The general idea seems to be that prayer will provide …

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