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Oct 26

A Brief Point on Evil and Free Will

There are a number of potential problems with the free will defense (FWD) to the problem of evil and its many varieties. Here is one very simple potential problem. Let me begin with a quick story. I have a young son. We have an open stairway leading into a finished lower level. We have a …

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Sep 27

Is God fair?

Imagine you are a professor and you are renowned for your fairness. You have always upheld this as a central virtue because you teach a class that is of vital importance to the students. Your grading of the students in this particular class is highly correlated with their acceptance into top-tier graduate schools. As such, …

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Sep 05

The Matrix Objection – Conclusion

Last time, I laid out what I think is a very intuitive illustration against the reliability of ad hoc reasoning. I also claimed that the Matrix Objection (TMO) is an example of such ad hoc reasoning. Let me briefly restate TMO, and then I’ll defend my case. TMO: Real life would be indistinguishable from life …

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Aug 24

A Brief Argument Against the Soul

1. Most theistic laypeople have a belief in the soul that includes it somehow being within or somehow internally connected to their body.¹ 2. Their belief likely also includes a conception of the soul as immaterial.² 3. Immaterial things cannot have spatial extension. 4. To reside in a place, like within the body, requires spatial …

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Aug 14

The Matrix Objection – Introduction

Now that my workload has lessened a bit and I’ve finally caught up with George R. R. Martin in A Song of Ice and Fire, I should have more time to get back to writing. I’d also like to conduct a number of book reviews, including for Richard Carrier’s latest book on Bayes Theorem and …

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Jun 07

Greater Good Theodicies

A common response to the problem of evil is to appeal to what I call greater good theodicies. Theodicies generally accept that a being with the attributes of God would have some moral obligation to prevent evil, all other things being equal.[i] They then attempt to provide a plausible reason why God might allow evil. …

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Apr 25

Is naturalism a type of faith?

In this essay, I’m going to take on a common claim that a form of narrow naturalism can rightly be called faith. The form of naturalism I have in mind is one that says for any given unexplained event, it is overwhelmingly likely that the real explanation will be a naturalistic one. So, for example, …

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Mar 29

Current Thoughts on the Kalam Cosmological Argument

I recently had a comment on one of the first posts I ever wrote. In this post, I discussed classic arguments for God, including the Cosmological Argument. This is the traditional argument that asserts that everything that exists must have a cause. The standard reply to that premise is to say that God is something …

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Mar 21

False Dilemmas


One of the many problems we face in arguing about gods is the danger of running into a false dilemma. I am specifically concerned with arguments for theism, which I think contain many false dilemmas, but arguments for atheism should also be wary of the problem. What we will see in many apologetic arguments in …

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Mar 06

New Philosophy of Physics Blog

There is a new blog that I recommend you follow, if you’re interested in the philosophy of physics. I’m personally excited about this prospect because there should be top-notch philosophers involved, and I expect the discussion to reflect that. This means it offers an excellent learning opportunity within a very difficult subject. Physics rears …

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