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Jul 20

Fine Tuning and a Beginningless Past


One of the most popular arguments for theism is the Fine Tuning Argument (FTA). The FTA is generally formulated something like this: The “constants” of the universe either arrived by chance or design The chance is overwhelmingly small Therefore, they must have arrived by design There are a lot of things we could discuss about the …

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Jul 13

The Paradox of the Ravens and Hypothesis Testing

Figure 1

Generally speaking, when an atheist views the world, they tend to do so with a respect for hypothesis testing. We find something admirable in the notion that you can come up with predictions, test them in the real world, and the end results affect your view. Since very few things are certain, these outcomes generally …

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May 16

Is everything in the Bible true?

Oxford philosopher Peter Millican, in this free series on philosophy (you should download it and listen to it – it’s free!), raises a very simple challenge to biblical innerancy. I’ve adapted it slightly below: 1. Commanding genocide is not morally praiseworthy. 2. Every act of God is morally praiseworthy. 3. God commands genocide in the …

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May 09

Is Divine Freedom Possible?

You will often encounter the idea that freedom can explain away certain problems in theology and the philosophy of religion. One well-known case is Alvin Plantinga’s book, God, Freedom, and Evil. In it, Plantinga provides a counter to the Argument from Evil that many consider devastating. We can see an example of that type of …

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May 02

Some Brief Thoughts on Morality

I have yet to make a grand post which sketches my view on how atheists can have morality. I realize this is a glaring omission; however, when you lose your faith and become an atheist, you then are tasked with building a new worldview. This can take time and you will probably make many mistakes …

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Apr 06

Recent Survey of Philosophers

David Chalmers recently spearheaded a survey on some major topics in philosophy. The survey was extended to top philosophers in the field, as well as some graduate students. You can find detailed results here. Below, I’ve given each category’s general outcome and specified my own view in red. Feel free to share your thoughts on …

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Mar 21

The Sherlock Holmes Defense

When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be true. – Sherlock Holmes (Arthur Conan Doyle, The Sign of the Four) What must the cause of the universe be like? According to William Lane Craig, it must be spaceless, timeless, and personal. In effect, it must be a non-physical, non-temporal mind with …

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Mar 02

A Tale of Two Naturalisms

Neil deGrasse Tyson, speaking on the god of the gaps argument, brought up the often quoted survey of religiosity among members of the National Academy of Sciences. The survey showed that only 15% of the Academy members believed in a personal god. Much has been made of this almost complete reversal compared to the general …

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Jan 24

The Clueless Argument for God’s Existence

Many popular arguments for God commit the fallacy of arguing from ignorance, but it may be hard to spot.

Dec 16

On Absurdity: William Lane Craig and Actual Infinites


Does William Lane Craig find his own argument convincing? His view of God seems to bring about absurd conclusions.

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