Mar 19

Guess Who?

Let’s play a game. I’ll describe someone to you and you see if you can guess who it is.

This is a man who lived around the First Century of the Common Era (some people may call this A.D.). He was a well known Jewish teacher from Galilee and had many followers who claimed he was the Messiah. It is said that a voice in the sky even proclaimed him the son of God. He worked miracles and was eventually martyred outside the walls of Jerusalem around the Passover.

Did you guess Honi the circle drawer? No?

Ok, how about Hanina ben Dosa? Still no?

Oh, well then you probably guessed Jesus. That’s what I thought.

Well you would have been right on all three. There have been many Jewish Messiah claims over the years and a lot of supporting miracle stories to back them. You could even extend it further to find prominent figures in other religions who were born of virgins, or conquered death, or some other fantastical claim.

My only point is that the story of Jesus is by no means unique. Messianic claims are a dime a dozen and not a single one of them can stand on evidence.

You might counter with: “Yes, but look at how many people still believe in Jesus and I’ve never heard of these others.”

Interesting point. I’m sure Muslims would be interested to hear a Christian answer the same question regarding Muhammad. Why not follow him?

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  1. john

    Why not follow Muhammad? Because, Muhammad followed and revered Jesus. Moses and Elijah revered Jesus. Jesus proved himself the one to follow.

  2. Mike

    I really hope you’re joking. Muhammed did not “follow” Jesus even if he may have respected him. The more disturbing thing is to say Moses and Elijah revered Jesus when they lived well before him. You may have some spiritual explanation for this, but this site is about reason.

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