Jan 04

New Contents Page

I’ve added a new page to the site: http://foxholeatheism.com/contents/.

I think this will make browsing the archives of this site much easier. I’ve arranged posts by category and sub-category, where appropriate. I haven’t included every post I’ve ever written, but I have included many of them.

Next up, I’ll be doing something similar for my recommended reading page. My current widgets from Amazon are too limited and don’t show up on mobile devices without flash. I’ll recommend books based on subject matter and level of difficulty.

Feel free to leave feedback about the new page.

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  1. Hendy

    Do you have to update that manually, or is there some tag-based system that’s automatically filling this in as you create new posts? I’d be interested in things like this; so far for any series’ I’ve done, I have to go back and create the new post and a link as I go… Nice work and it’s well laid out.

  2. Mike

    Right now it’s manual, which is slightly annoying but not too bad. I don’t write an insane amount of posts, so I think spending a few minutes once a week should keep it up to date. I think automating it might be beyond my programming abilities.

  3. Hendy

    Beyond my abilities too 🙂 Just wondered if you’d stumbled across some sort of plug-in or whatnot that performed the described magic. Thanks for the clarification. I’ll keep trudging along the old fashioned way myself (and I also don’t write so much that it’s been overly burdensome).

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