Sep 30

Why Christianity is False (Index)

The author of Common Sense Atheism, Luke Muehlhauser, began a counter-apologetics project called ‘Why Christianity is False.’ This project’s goal was to specifically respond to each essay in the series ‘Why Christianity is True,’ hosted by Brian Auten of Apologetics 315.

Unfortunately for those of us who enjoyed this series by Luke, he decided to pursue other projects. I wanted to see this series completed, so I suggested that a group of atheist bloggers could tackle this series of essays, lessening the burden on any one blogger. Foxhole Atheism will be teaming up with two other blogs to accomplish this: Soul Sprawl and Answers in Genesis Busted.

This page will serve as an index to the series on my own site that I will update as the response essays are completed. Comments are welcome. Enjoy!





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  1. Randy Everist

    I know several of these guys, and let me tell you: Matt Flannagan is brilliant. 🙂

  2. Mike

    I enjoyed his fallacy podcast. I haven’t spent much time on his website, though. I think Matt of Soul Sprawl is responding to that one.

  3. Matt DeStefano

    Yeah, I’ve interacted with Flannagan before. He’s a nice guy and certainly intelligent. However, this article is defending Reformed Epistemology, and I think even a majority of theists are a little embarrassed at fideist approaches to knowledge.

    I think he’s certainly the best thinker that I drew in my selections.

  4. Nicholas Covington

    Hi Luke,

    My response is to Richard Gerhardt, not Bob Perry. Thanks for the link!


  5. Mike

    Fixed it. Thanks. Is there a free version of that piece available?

  6. Nicholas Covington


    I’ve posted a response to Vocab Malone & Paul D. Adams here:

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